tested against strict international standards for your saftey.

High/low temperature & humidity tests

We pre-test to guarantee product reliability in various different environments

Salt spray test

It is important that we can guarantee our products will withstand and resist corrosion so that no device is compromised if exposed to salt or near the sea. Our test report includes salt concentration, temperature, sample amount, test duration and sprayed amount.

Rain resistance test

This pre-test ensures your security device is water-resistant even when exposed to heavy rain.

Condensation resistance test

This pre-test confirms the product will be protected against condensation over the cooler months.

With constant technological advancements, we keep up with the worlds recognised developers of in-home security.

Multi Dead Bolt Mortise

We are developing a Multi Dead Bolt Mortise lock that will adapt to various local cultures and circumstances.

BIO Technology

State of the art fingerprint recognition system.

  • No need to wake the device, it will recognise you easily and quickly.
  • Safety guaranteed with high credibility (low incorrect recognition rate and quick response).

Available under any installation circumstances

>Compatible with various door widths ranging from 70-100mm, the extension shaft allows any standard lock to fit with your door.

Find a lock that suits your needs