Unicor Hightech – trustworthy & proven home security suppliers

Founded in 1970, Unicor Hightechs mission has been to provide safety, security and convenience to their customers. In February 2019 we will uphold this mission when we launch into the New Zealand market. ‘Unicor’ is a combination of the words ‘union’ and ‘corporation’. The term reflects the spirit of the companies foundations and the principal aspects of unification and communication. The Eagle that forms the logo is the mark of a guardian. It implies safety and a customer focussed business philosophy.

Unicor Hightech is one of the world’s leading digital door lock companies. We specialise in mechanical door locks, front door locks and cutting-edge smart door locks. Originally just the manufacturer of home electronic lock devices, Unicor Hightech is now both the manufacturer and supplier of our commercial in-home security products. By bringing the entire process in-house you benefit through the high end, authentic product we bring you today.

Why Unicor Hightech?

We’ve taken our proven and quality security products and designed them around style and conveniency. Your door will not only look great but the security of your home will be tighter than it’s ever been. Our range of digital door locks offer easy and secure solutions to the varying needs you have around your home. The Unicor Hightech 9000 series is the only lock in existence with six different ways to enter. You’ll even be able to see who’s home! We also test all of our products in house against strict national and company standards for your safety.

After much success overseas, we are excited to have brought our craft to New Zealand. You can expect that we will continue to grow and create innovative lock products as well as developing high end, quality in-home security devices.


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